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\ SPENS \ Results&Documents

     D08 Laboratory and field implementation of high modulus asphalt concrete
     D09 Long-Term Performance of Reinforced Pavements
     D10 Practical mix design model for asphalt mixtures
     D11 Guidelines of a complex methodology for non-destructive pavement measuring techniques
     D12 Recommendations for traffic equivalency factors
     D13 Guidelines on a systematic decision-making methodology for the pavement rehabilitation of low volume roads
     D14 Final Plan for using and disseminating knowledge
     D15 Recommendations for modified binder usage in pavements
     D16 Guidelines for selection the most convenient upgrading systems based on results of heavy vehicle simulator
     D17 Guidelines for the environmental assessment of various pavement types including recommendations to road authorities in New M
     D18 A methodology for testing and implementing selected recycled materials and industrial by-products in road construction
     D19 SPENS Final report
     D20 SPENS Final report - executive summary
     FINAL SEMINAR Ljubljana August 2009 - PRESENTATIONS


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