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Sustainable Pavements for European New member States (SPENS)

SPENS is a Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) submitted to the call on Surface Transport under the Priority thematic area  Sustainable Surface Transport.
The objective of this research project, which ended in August 2009, was to develop appropriate tools and procedures for the rapid and cost-effective rehabilitation and maintenance of roads in the EU New Member States.
The overall objective is to search for materials and technologies for road pavement construction and rehabilitation that would:

  • behave satisfactorily in a typical climate,
  • have an acceptable environmental impact,
  • be easy to incorporate within existing technologies,
  • be cost-effective and easy to maintain.

All public deliverables are accessible under 'Results&Documents'

A sustainable infrastructure is vital for the economic progress of a country. New knowledge should be implemented in everyday road construction practice without delay.

SPENS coordinator

Mojca Ravnikar Turk