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WP1- Management

This workpackade deals with coordination as well as with review and assessment of the project progress towards the objectives. Six deliverables are forseen to track the progress of the project:
Inception report – will define in more detail the workplan, the key personell will be appointed (the task leaders as well as their deputies) and the two expert for the General Scientific Audit.
The year one and year two progress reports will give an overview of the activities of the consortium carried out during that period as well as the justification of the resources. An updated plan for using and disseminarion knowledge will be included. Final plan for using and disseminating knowledge will be produced in conjunction with the CERTAIN Coordination Action activities which is dedicated to efficently desseminate the research results.

The Mid-Term Assessment report will provide also evaluation by General Scientific Audit. Scientific and financial results presented, man-months expenditures in compliance to those planned together with the Financial Audit’s conclusions.

The final report will be written in English, CERTAIN will enable translation.
A separate task within the WP1 ‘Coordination, review and assessment of the project’ deals with review and assessment of project results and progress towards the objectives.