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WP3 - Improvement of pavement structures

The main objective of this work package is the development and optimisation of methods, materials and technologies for improvement of pavement structures for new and existing flexible road pavements. It's aim is also to study the benefits and limits of waste and by-product materials including recycled materials for road construction. This research will focus on the following:
  • Establishing the efficiency of different kinds of reinforcement for pavement widening and the rehabilitation of roads.
  • Gaining experience about the use of recycled materials and by-products in road construction with regard to engineering and environmental performance, and using laboratory and field tests. This will include investigations into the use of construction and demolition (C&D) waste materials, as well as industrial by-products, in unbound pavement layers and embankments.
  • Finding a practical model for the optimisation of asphalt mixture design. Mix recipes will be related to the target functional properties relevant for various climatic and traffic conditions in the field.
  • Implementation of a practical model for prediction of layer temperature and temperature gradients in pavements for use in mix design and pavement design models.
The overall goal is to create technological guides for the implementation of the road pavement design and upgrading processes typical for the New Member States.
Several milestones and foreseen to track the scientific progress of the work.