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WP4 - Evaluation of materials for road upgrading

The main objective of this work package is to evaluate materials and pavement layers appropriate for road upgrading, taking into account the conditions in New Member States. Modified bitumens as asphalt binders and high modulus asphalt mixtures are more and more popular in road construction, but insufficient information is available on the actual performance of these mixtures.
The objectives of this work package are:
  • To evaluate the efficiency of the use of different modified bitumens.
  • To deepen the knowledge about performance-related laboratory tests by test section evaluation. 
  • To implement and further develop the technology of High Modulus Asphalt Mixtures in Central and Eastern European Countries.
  • To study possible technologies of upgrading low-volume roads to higher bearing capacity and also cost-benefit analyses of different procedures.
  • To perform accelerated loading tests in test fields of the New Member States, in order to evaluate the upgrading techniques and new materials.
  • To evaluate the behaviour of improved materials and pavement structures.
The goal is to develop guidelines for different types of performance-related binder tests, as well as recommendations for selecting binder properties for different types of asphalt mixtures based on the results of performance-related binder tests. Guidelines and the required properties for choice of materials for High Modulus Asphalt Mixtures (binders, aggregates, additives) will be developed. Guidelines for selecting the most cost-effective strengthening treatments on asphalt macadam and light asphalt pavements are also planned.
Several milestones and foreseen to track the scientific progress of the work.